7.3 Special events

Garage sales (Vide-greniers)

These are an important part of the calendar in Burgundy and in many other French Departments. The dates for each town and village are determined well in advance and they are generally very popular and well attended.

The Vide-grenier in Mailly-le-Chateau is held on Whit Monday each year (25 May 2015 and 16 May 2016).

The dates of other community events in Mailly-le-Chateau are:

The last weekend in May    Festivities of the Gaiety

3 weekends in August    Festivities (with ride) and fireworks

The French call this event "Journees Europeennes du Patrimoine".
It is organised by the French Minister of Culture and it is held on a weekend in September each year.
It is a special occasion that enables public access to thousands of rarely opened historically significant sites.

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