7.2 Alimentation

Alimentation (food trade) / Epicier (grocerery shop / Supermarche (supermarket)

The biggest and best local supermarkets that we have found are Casino in Auxerre and Auchan in Avallon.

Other options are E.leclerc in both Auxerre and Clamecy and also Auchan in Clamecy. Avallon also has four smaller supermarkets, two of which (Casino & ATAC) are open on Sunday morning. The other two are Aldi and LIDL.

 Mailly-le-Chateau has a small Epicier (Point Co-op) and an impressive Boulangerie/Patisserie.

Produce Markets

Each Friday morning there is a single market stall by the church in Mailly-le-Chateau.

Each Saturday morning there are large produce markets in both Avallon and Clamecy.

Friday morning at Mailly-le-Chateau

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