6.1 North east of Mailly

Chablis – population 2,600

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- population 76

Location of the historic 13th century Chateau de Beru, held by the Beru family since 1627.
The chateau is surrounded by Chablis vineyards and overlooks a charming vine covered slope.
Interesting features dating from the 13th century are a gate with its tower and a 1500 pidgeonhole dovecote.
The wine cellars and a very rare sun and moon dial date from the 16th century.
Open for guided tours and wine tasting from 15 April to 15 November.

Tonnerre – population 5,500

At Fosse Dionne an ancient spring emerges at an 18th century washing place.

The Hotel-Dieu in Tonnerre was founded in 1293, 150 years before the Hotel-Dieu in Beaune.

Tanlay - population 1190

Location of the magnificent 16th century Chateau de Tanlay, owned since 1700 by the family of the Marquis de Tanlay. Open for guided tours from April to November.

Chateau de Tanlay and the Tanlay village in the background

Chateau de Maulnes

Built in the mid to late 16th century, this chateau has a unique pentagonal form arranged around a central well and an imposing spiral staircase. Its design is an interesting mystery and the subject of quite a few legends.

It was purchased in 1997 by the Yonne Departmental Council and it is still under reconstruction and renovation.

Ancy-le-Franc – population 1,100

Location of Chateau d’Ancy-le-Franc, built in a vast 123 acre park between 1542 and 1550.

Chateau d’Ancy-le-Franc -  an amazing Renaissance palace

Noyers-sur-Serein – population 750

Pass by the geranium-clad lavoir, over the river Serin to the medieval gateway. Inside the town walls there are half-timbered-houses, pigeonniers, pretty squares and arches dating from the 13th to 19th centuries.

Noyers-sur-Serein – reputedly the most picturesque town in northern Burgundy


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