6.6 Further south east

As you cruise down the A6 towards Chateauneuf, look out for an unmarked castle on the eastern side of the autoroute at Eguilly. It's location is about where the E60 tag is on the above map.
A strong contender for the ultimate renovation prize?

Chateauneuf en Auxois - population 86

After the A38 to Dijon splits off the A6/E60, the A6/E60 to Beaune passes close to an impressive chateau.

Built in a commanding position on a rocky plateau high above the picturesque Canal de Bourgogne in various stages after 1175. The last member of the original family was burned at the stake in Paris in 1456 for having poisoned her husband.

Part of the chateau is now crumbling but the paintings in the gothic chapel dating back to 1487 are still intact.

Chateauneuf en Auxois

Dijon – population 151,000

The capital of Bourgogne, 136 Km (105 minutes) from Mailly-le-Chateau.

It is regarded as one of the best preserved medieval centres in France.

Dijon medieval centre

Beaune – population 22,200

This historic town is about a 2 hour drive south east from Mailly-le-Chateau.

Beaune is world famous for the Hotel-Dieu, a hospital that dates from 1443.

Taize - population 184

This village is the centre of a world-famous ecumenical community.

It was started in 1940 by a Swiss Protestant and it has grown into a multi-denominational community with more than a hundred Christian brothers from more than thirty countries – monks who pledge their lives to live like Jesus.

Cluny – population 4,850

This town grew up around the Benedictine Abbey of Cluny that was founded in 910 and became a major religious centre.

The third abbey church (Cluny 3) was begun in 1088 and was the largest church in Europe before St Peter’s was built in Rome in the 16th century. It was closed in 1790 and later dismantled for building materials.

Only a small portion of Cluny III survives today - the southern transept and its bell-tower. The surviving structure represents less than 10% of the floor area of Cluny III.

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