6.4 South of Mailly

Chatel-Censoir - population 688

Saint-Potentien (pictured) dates from the eleventh century and was a pilgrimage centre until the time of the French Revolution.

The ruined walls and a tower are all that remain of a chateau that overlooked the village.

Chateau de Faulin (pictured below) is 5.3 km to the west along the D21 and the D214.
This chateau houses a museum of medieval technical innovation.
Access is limited to the times specified on their website.

Vezelay – population 500

This is the site of an impressive Abbey

  • previously a Benedictine monastery dating back to the 9th century.
  • the point of departure for the Third Crusade in 1189.
Aerial photo of Vezelay with the village of Saint-Pere-sous-Vezelay in the background

Saint-Pere-sous-Vezelay – population 390

Notre-Dame was built by the monks from Vezelay from about 1225.

This church is now one of the most important examples of Burgundian High Gothic.

Saint-Pere is the centre of white water rafting and canoeing activities on the river Cure.

These leisure activities are promoted by two local organisations, AB Loisirs and Club AMCK

Les Fontaines Salees

An important archeological natural spring site only 1.5 km south of Saint-Pere.

The site dates back to prehistoric times around 3,000 years BC.

Excavations commenced in 1934 have revealed extensive thermal baths that date from Gallo-Roman times.

L'Ancienne Eglise Saint-Pierre

At the southern end of Saint-Pere are the ruins of the first church of the Holy Father, built in the 11th century.

It was destroyed by protestants during the religious wars in the second half of the 16th century.

Tharoiseau - population 76

View of Vezelay from Tharoiseau

There ia a pilgrim cross where the access road to this village meets the D957 from Avallon to Vezelay.
This cross marks the spot where it is said that the first view of Vezelay filled pilgrims with joy.

Beside the village church there is an interesting old lavoir where the villagers used to wash their clothes.

A local vineyard and winery is based in the village.

Domaine La Croix Montjoie
  • wine tasting, cellar door sales
  • hosting and catering for events
  • English is spoken

Another view of Vezelay from the terrace of Domaine la Croix Montjoie winery

Pierre-Perthuis - population 123

The two bridges over the river Cure

The natural arch near Pierre-Perthuis.

The village has a restaurant Les Deux Ponts

Bazoches – population 160

A small village famous for its fortified Chateau that dates from the 12th century.

Acquired by General Vauban in 1675, it still owned and occupied by his descendants.

Chastellux-sur-Cure - population 164

Location of Chateau de Chastellux, a castle with 8 towers that has been the ancestral home of the Chastellux family for more than 1,000 years. The Marquis de Chastellux was second in command of the French military contingent during the American War of Independence.

Open for visits every day from 10:00 am except Monday & Tuesday.

Chateau de Chastellux

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