3. Mailly-le-Chateau

Mailly-le-Chateau is a medieval village,
built in a strategic position on a limestone outcrop,
high above the river Yonne.

The name links the village to its ancient Celtic history.
"Maly" is the Celtic word for rock.

Maison de Mahaut is in the high village (Bourg du Haut).

The other part of the village at the base of the outcrop and close to the river is referred to as the Bourg du Bas.

The Chateau with its swimming pool can be seen between the upper and lower parts of the village.
The public terrace
on the ancient ramparts is just beyond the chateau.

The public terrace (above) provides a birds-eye view of the Bourg du Bas (below).

You can see Maison de Mahaut clearly in the Bourg du Haut street photo shown below.
It's at the end of the block between the street names "Rue des Fosses" and "Rue Comtesse Mahaut".

The village population is about 600.

The Bourg du Haut is the commercial centre of the village.
As you approach the Bourg du Haut, the signage at the intersection provides directions.

The specific locations of some key services are shown on the following street map.


1.              La Maison de Mahaut

2.              Agence Postale (Post Office)

3.              Pompiers (Fire Station)

4.              Mairie (Council Chambers)

5.              Hotel “Le Castel” (Hotel & Restaurant)

6.              Eglise Saint Adrien (13th century church)

7.              Point Co-op Epicier (Mini supermarket)

8.              Café de L’Esperence (Café, Bar, Tobacco, Magazines & fishing licences)

9.              Boulangerie-Patisserie (Bakery)

10.            Presbytere (Church Presbytery)

11.            Terrasse (Public Terrace) with a magnificent panoramic view

12.            Chateau de Mailly

13.            Footpath linking the Bourg du Haut with the Bourg du Bas

14.            Communal recycle bins

15.            The oldest bridge in Burgundy (12th century) and the Chappelle Saint Nicholas (15th century)

You can take a Google street tour all around the village, starting from the street immediately outside Maison de Mahaut.

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