3.2 Eglise Saint Adrien

It's not often that we come across a church that can still be left unlocked.
It is a credit to this village that Eglise Saint Adrien is one exception.
In some respects this village and this church are like a time capsule, frozen back in a much earlier time.

The plaque outside the church tells us that Eglise Saint Adrien was dedicated in 1223 by Mahaut de Courtenay, Countess of Nevers, Auxerre and Tonnerre (1188 - 1257).
A statue of Mahaut de Courtenay still adorns the church facade.

Eglise Saint Adrien at sundown (after 8pm in early May)

Several priests reside in the presbytery and they hold regular church services every Sunday morning.
Every weekday they hold mass at 9 am and at 6 pm they meet to recite the rosary.

Statue of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)

There are also two chapels in Mailly-le-Chateau:
  • a small 15th century chapel attached to the bridge is dedicated to Saint Nicholas (see page 4.1)

  • another 15th century chapel at the cemetery is dedicated to Saint Simeon (see below).

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