8. Rental information

We are happy for friends (and friends of friends) to arrange to stay in our home in our absence.

Our rental terms are quite simple:

Minimum stay                              1 week

Daily rate                                    Minimum - AUD $240 for both of our ensuite double rooms (up to 4 guests)

                                                  Optional - AUD $60 for each of the two additional double rooms (up to 4 guests)

Extended stays                             15% reduction for stays of 4 or more weeks

Cleaning & laundry fees                 AUD $240 - $360

Booking Deposit                           AUD $500

Due date for full payment               6 weeks prior to arrival

Included                                        Bed linen & bathroom towels

                                                     Kitchen towels & tea towels

                                                     Reasonable use of gas, electricity and water.

                                                      Excessive use will be charged at our cost.

                                                     House cleaning and washing supplied towels & bed linen following departure


Not included                                    Gas and electricity. The meters will be read upon arrival and prior to departure

                                                      and excessive consumption may be charged at the following rates:

                                                       Gas:                1 euro / m3

                                                       Electricity:        0.25 euros / kWh

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