4.2 Canal du Nivernais

This is a significant canal that connects the Seine and Loire river systems.
Its excavation was commenced in 1785 and not completed until 1841.
The canal is 174 km long and links Auxerre to the north with Decize in the south.

There are 112 locks in total and at the highest point there are 17 locks within 4 kilometers.

You can see the canal on either side of Mailly le Chateau in this YouTube video.
The views of Mailly-le-Chateau follow the fishing scene about 1 minute from the beginning of the video.

The chateau and public terrace tower high above the river valley.

Note the tow path that runs the entire 174 km length of the canal.

A local boat hire and canal cruise information source is Le boat. Their site also has a good map of the region's canals.

The hotel barge Luciole offers weekly cruises along the Nivernais canal between Auxerre and Clamecy.
The Luciole is also the subject of a Wikipedia article
and a Youtube video.

This photo of the Luciole was taken at Mailly-le-Chateau by Hector Davie.

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